Saturday, August 18, 2012

Canyoning in Bali - 15 % OFF

Want to activities that rush your adrenaline? canyoning is the right choice, this new adventure activity offers sporting activities are superficially similar to the natural rock climbing, only carried out under a waterfall splash. Using a variety of techniques that may include activities such as caving, walking, wading, crawling, climbing, jumping, gliding among the natural slopes or swimming in the water.

There are several package on offer:
Normal Rate
Our Special Offer, 15 % OFF
Kali Kecil
110 U$
95 US$
Kali Mudah
145 US$
130 US$

Keren Kali
195 US$
185 US$

Double K Discovery
170 US$
160 US$
Double K Sporty
280 US$
260 US$

Keren Kali part 1 is divided into two parts, the first about 2 hours with a height of 5-17 m and the second is available to jump with a height of approximately 5 m of fun, ideal for the family.

Kali Mudah, Trip type is also very suitable for a beginner trip an enjoyable and fun.
Discovery is a blend of K 3.Double KaliMudah and KerenKali 1. This trip is suitable for you as a beginner who wants to know Canyoning. Available for everyone, guaranteed fun and exercise.

Tukad Hijau, this type of trip is trekking in the forest following the river. With a 50 meter high waterfall. A long track.

Keren Kali is a canyon that is divided into two, the first with some abseilings between 5-17 m. The second part with the open and rappelling between 15-30 m.

Kirana is a trip that is really extreme when done in the rainy season. With a height of 30-50 feet will make you more challenged to do so.

Package Description :
1. Package price is calculated per person (adult)
2. Lunch is included 

3. Pick-up air-conditioned cars with experienced drivers
4. All safety equipment, life insurance included

If you have any questions please contact our customer service. thank you

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