Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paintball and Target Shooting adventure in Bali - on Fun Rate

Nostalgic childhood through war game was very exciting, a little more serious because of the bullets that we use eventhough harmless but can be hit by the bullets will be sore, so we will be equipped with various safety devices like a soldier of war. This activity uses all the latest equipment from the United States, playing in our authentic jungle village, playing in the abandoned houses with bushes, bunkers and trenches, so to rely on skill and strategy. Paintball activity is suitable carried out in groups and if you have a plan vacations to Bali with  friends, colleague or a  family, this activity could be one option

Paintball In addition, we can also play a target shooting or shooting practice, with experienced professional instructors will teach you how to shoot the target and then we will take you to a test firing a bazooka (Simulation of Air Cannon).  

Fun Rate :

45 US$
Target Shooting
40 US$

Deposit Paintball & Target Shooting in Bali
1. Car pick-up air conditioned with experienced drivers, minimum 4 people. Less than 4 Person, extra charge at 11 US$ Return
2. Paintball package includes army clothing, 100 paintball bullets, helmets, safety masks, insurance and mineral water.
3.Target shooting is included with 150 ammo, quality competition Riffles, firing bazookas, insurance and mineral water

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