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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Diving in Bali - with Dive Dive Dive Bali Disc 15 %

Diving in Bali
One of the more colorful aspects of Bali and its beautiful  cultural variety of the underwater of its surrounding beaches. Starting from an experienced diver, divers standards, or at all the uninitiated, Bali offers a variety of diving experience for you. You will be able to enjoy the beauty beneath the sea with a variety of unique species diversity and beauty of coral reefs in some Point Dive in Bali.

All Bali Package Deals in collaboration with a qualified provider with a dedicated diving course with Padi Certification offering diving experience in Bali at competitive prices.

TRY TO DIVE ( Introductory Dive )

Diving Area

Publish Rate per pax
Our Special Offer
15 % Disc
Nusa Dua/Sanur
(Open Water 1 tank )
Boat Dive
1 Dive
US$ 75
US$ 63
Swimming Pool Lesson1 tank
Open Water Dive 1 tank
Or 2 open water dives
Boat Dive
2 Dive
US$ 92
Padang Bay
Boat Dive
2 Dives
US$ 127
Tulamben ( shipwreck )
Shore Dive
2 Dives
US$ 127
Menjangan Island
Boat Dive
2 Dives
US$ 155
US$ 132
Nusa Penida
Boat Dive
2 Dives
US$ 155
US$ 132

Deposit Try to Dive with Dive Dive Dive Bali

Includes :
All diving equipment
Dive guide ( Dive master - up ) 
Lunch box & soft drinks
Transportation by sea or and land
Minimum booking 2 participants 
Extra dive US$ 30 person/Dive ( 1 tank )


Course Level
Publish Rate per pax
Our Special Offer 15 % Discount

PADI Open Water Diver
Classroom chapt. 1,2,3,4,5 + Pool + 4 Open Water Dives
3 Days/4Days
US$ 380
US$ 323

PADI O/W Referral Course

4 Open Water Dives

2 Days

US$ 259

US$ 220

PADI Advanced O/W Diver

2 Core Dives +
3 Elective Dives

2 Days

US$ 305


Emergency First Response

Classroom Only

1 Day/2Days

US$ 175


PADI Rescue Diver

Classroom +swim.pool
O/W excercise (practical)

3 Days

US$ 431

US$ 366

Deposit Learn to Dive with Dive Dive Dive Bali
Includes :
Class room
Pool training
All diving equipment
Open water dives ( Sanur & Tulamben )
Dive instructor 
Lunch box & soft drinks
Transportation by sea or and land
Notes : 
Certification processing fee and all PADI material are not inclusive-are extra charge US$ 70 ( Required PADI as standard fee )

Diving in Bali with Blue Oasis Dive - Disc 10 %

Seeing the underwater world with all its habitats, ranging from a variety of colorful fish, coral reefs and sunken ships decades ago, takes you to a new world that presents new colorful, diverse living organisms, as well as natural texture amazing very unfortunate to miss. Indonesia is famous for its diving spots so much that can be explored, here in Bali is the right place to start. Diving package we are working with Blue Oasis dive, one part of the Rip Curl School of Surf well-tested standardized tools and diving instructor.

 Special Rate/person :

Blue Oasis Diving
Intro dive
85 US$
77 US$
Open Water Dive
385 US$
347 US$
Advance Open Water
 375 US$
338 US$
Sanur Dive (1 dive)
45 US$
41 US$
Sanur Dive (2 dive)
80 US$
72 US$
95 US$
86 US$
Nusa Penida
125 US$
113 US$
Padang Bay
95 US$
86 US$

Deposit Diving in Bali with Blue Oasis Dive

Package Description :

Air-conditioned transfers, (With bookings made with a minimum 1 day before. From all major hotels in the Legian, Seminyak, Oberoi, Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur area)
All diving equipment (Cressi -BCD, Regulator, Rip Curl Wetsuit, Mask, Fins, Booties and Weight Belt).
Dive briefing in Indonesian, English, Italian, French and or Spanish
Detailed Dive plans for all Blue Oasis Dive site
Itinerary for daily Dive trip
Drinking water during all activates
Packed lunch for Dive trips to Nusa Penida  
Restaurant Lunch for Dive trips to Tulamben
Emergency Oxygen breathing tank on all dive trips.
First Aid and emergency kits carried on all dive trips 
Individual guest lockers
Showering and changing facilities
Fresh towels
Dive guide/ Instructor

Sea Walker Sanur - Club Aqua 25 % OFF

Let's take a walk on the ocean floor bali :) feeding and directly touching the fish in their habitat, get a unique and unforgettable experience up to a depth of 8 feet and feel the beauty of the fascinating underwater environment. To enjoy this tour, you are not required to know how to swim because to enjoy this marine tourism, you can just wear a specially designed helmet and fed pure oxygen. Helmet that looks like an astronaut's helmet, is powered by air supplied from the pontoon Sea Walker, instructors will always accompany us during this event. Stay calm and feel the closeness of your natural life.

  Package Rate/Person:
Special Rate
64 US$
Children (9-11 yrs)
52 US$

Downpayment Seawalker Sanur - Club Aqua

Package Description :
1. Rates include Pick Up and Return Transfer, Refreshment(=Mineral water), 30minutes dive, Meals/Lunch, use of standard facilities (=shower room, locker, towel and booties) and Insurance
2. Rates include share pick up and return transfers at each area: Denpasar Center, Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua & Ubud exclude North Ubud area: (Aston Nandini, Hanging Garden & surrounding the Hotel area)

Bali Package Deal for surfing, kite surfing, wakeboard, windsurfing and Stand Up Paddle at Rip Curl School of Surfing on 10 % DISC

Partnership with Rip curl School of surfing, we happy to offer wide selections to learn surfing in Bali on Special rate 10 % Disc :

RCSOS - Legian
Description Duration Publish Rate Our Special Offer 10 % Disc
Individual Beach Break Course Any course fr 1-5 2.5hrs
60 US$
54 US$
Individual Reef Break Course Any course fr 6-10 2.5hrs
70 US$
63 US$
Beach Surfer – Level 1 Course 1 to 3 3 x 2.5hrs
170 US$
153 US$
Reef Surfer – Level 2 Course 4 to 6 3 x 2.5hrs
153 US$
Power Surfer – Level 3 Course 7 to 10 4 x 2.0hrs
250 US$
225 US$
Reef Trip Guided Program 1 x 2.0hrs
65 US$
58,5 US$
RCSOS – Private Surf Description Duration PublishedRate : Our Special Offer 10 % Disc
VIP – Adult Individual* Any course fr 1-10 & reef 90min
200 US$
180 US$
Private – Adult Individual Any course fr 1-5 75min
100 US$
90 US$
3 course package Courses 1 to 3 3 x 75min
270 US$
243 US$
5 course package Courses 1 to 5 5 x 75min
425 US$
382,5 US$
Little Ripper – Kids Program Any course fr 1-5 75min
50 US$
45 US$
3 course kids package Courses 1 to 3 3 x 75min
135 US$
121,5 US$
5 course kids package Courses 1 to 5 5 x 75min
212,5 US$
191,2 US$

  • Down payment Surfing

    Downpayment Private Surfing
    VIP – Adult includes individual driver and transport to and from hotel, personal photographer, coaching and tailored course structure.

    Kite Surfing
    Wind Surfing

    RCSOS - Sanur
    Our Special Offer 10 % Disc
    Kite Surfing IKO Per level
    L.1 - dry land, L. 2, 3 -water
    L.1 – 2 hrs, L.2,3 –1.5hrs
    95 US$
    85,5 US$
    Wakeboarding per level
    L.1 – 3, in the water riding
    1,5 hrs
    85 US$
    76,5 US$
    Wind Surfing   per level
    L.1 – 3, in the water riding
    2 hrs
    65 US$
    58,5 US$

    Downpayment Kite Surfing, Wakeboard, Wind Surfing
    Stand Up Paddle

    SUP - Bali
    Description Duration Published: Our Special Offer 10 % Disc :
    Stand Up Paddle per level L.1, flat water, L.2, small waves, L.3, advance skills and larger waves 1.5 hrs
    55 US$

    49,5 US$

    Downpayment Stand up Paddle
    Included :
    •  Air-conditioned transfers with bookings made with a minimum 2 hours prior notice. From all major hotels in the Legian, Seminyak, Oberoi, Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur area.
    • Modern equipment: surfboards, Kiting, Stand up paddleboard, wakeboarding and Windsurfing.
    • All necessary safety equipment: Helmets, booties, personal floatation devices and reef booties, insurance and medical coverage (5 - 65 years old) by a total liability amount of US$ 1,000,000.00
    • Surfing & Stand Up Paddle: A max 1:5 ratio of instructor/assistant to students (private classes max 2 student per instructor), Kite surfing, wind surfing and Wake boarding: A max 1:3 ratio of instructor/assistant to students (private classes max 2 student per instructor),
    • Surf wear: rash shirts, surf shorts and wetsuits.
    • Facilities: Rip Curl merchandising, Changing rooms, Student lockers, Showering, Garden bars and Parking. 
    • Additional: Towels, drinking water, refreshments, sunscreen and First Aid kit are available upon request or if necessary.
    • Instructors accredited to International Kite Organization Level 1, Level 2 and Senior, Academy of Surfing- Surfing Level 2 and Academy of Surfing - Stand Up Paddle Level 1 and Level 2.
    • All operational staff’s are certified Bronze Medallion Lifeguards and Emergency First Response trained.
    • Assistants trained International Kite Organization Assistant Level and Academy of Surf Level 1 instructor standards.
    • All lessons conducted in English.
    • Sealed drinking water during the entire lesson.
    • Certificate of level completion
    • A complementary Rip Curl School of Surf t-shirt on completion of level 1 Surf, Level 3 kite, wake and windsurfing.

Bali Package Deal : Bali Learn to Surf on 10 % disc rate

What You will learn :
- Stand up and surf in Your first lesson
- How to be safe in surfing
- How to catch a wave
- How to riding waves while standing
- How to read the waves and the sea
- Spinning technique
- Surfing etiquette
- Where should surf

Partnership with Bali learn to surf we offer a special package:

* Daily Group Lesson - Beginner (2.5 hours lessons):
1. Half Day Surf course  40 US$
2. 2 Days Surf Course     65 US$
3. 3 Days Surf Certificate 108 US$
4. 6 Days surf Certificate  180 

Downpayment Daily Group Lesson - Beginner
 * Daily Group Lesson - Intermediate (2 hour lessons):
1. Half Day Surf course  40 US$
2. 3 Lessons  108 US$
3. 6 Lessons  180 US$

Downpayment Daily Group Lesson - Intermediate

* Kids Club (2.5 hours lessons):
1. Half Day Surf course 36 US$
2. Full Day Surf Course 60 US$
3. 3 Days Surf Certificate 90 US$
4. 6 Days surf Certificate 162 US$

Downpayment Kids Club

* Family Package 110 US$ (max 4pax)

Downpayment Family Package
Description :
1. Free shuttle from hotel
2. Instructur Professional, Level 1 & 2 ASA / Vetech Surf Coaching Certificate, Surf Bronze medallion, First Aid
3. Surf boards that meet international qualifications for each level course that followed, Surf Tshirt UV protection, Mineral water, Surfing Certificate, Use of Swimming Pool Hard Rock Hotel during the course lasts

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Special offer : Bali River Tubing Package Discount 35%

Here comes a new adventure activity in BaliBali river tubingif rafting feels too challenging for you, Bali river tubing could be the right choice to play with the flow of the river thata safe and of course stay fun throughout the activities.

With a total duration of 1 hour 45 minutes, through a variety of ripples Pakerisan river that have grade 2 and 3, located in the beautiful looks of Tampak  Siring, Bali river tubing worth a try for  a new holiday atmosphere in Bali

Bali River Tubing Package Price:
69 US$ Adults
49 US$ Children

Our Special Offers

50 US$ for Adults
45 US$ for Children

 Detail Package:
1. Price children - children apply to children aged 10-12 Years
2. Is included with lunch at the end of the activity
3. Pick up Service, air conditioned car with experienced driver

Downpayment Bali River Tubing Package

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Canyoning in Bali - 15 % OFF

Want to activities that rush your adrenaline? canyoning is the right choice, this new adventure activity offers sporting activities are superficially similar to the natural rock climbing, only carried out under a waterfall splash. Using a variety of techniques that may include activities such as caving, walking, wading, crawling, climbing, jumping, gliding among the natural slopes or swimming in the water.

There are several package on offer:
Normal Rate
Our Special Offer, 15 % OFF
Kali Kecil
110 U$
95 US$
Kali Mudah
145 US$
130 US$

Keren Kali
195 US$
185 US$

Double K Discovery
170 US$
160 US$
Double K Sporty
280 US$
260 US$

Keren Kali part 1 is divided into two parts, the first about 2 hours with a height of 5-17 m and the second is available to jump with a height of approximately 5 m of fun, ideal for the family.

Kali Mudah, Trip type is also very suitable for a beginner trip an enjoyable and fun.
Discovery is a blend of K 3.Double KaliMudah and KerenKali 1. This trip is suitable for you as a beginner who wants to know Canyoning. Available for everyone, guaranteed fun and exercise.

Tukad Hijau, this type of trip is trekking in the forest following the river. With a 50 meter high waterfall. A long track.

Keren Kali is a canyon that is divided into two, the first with some abseilings between 5-17 m. The second part with the open and rappelling between 15-30 m.

Kirana is a trip that is really extreme when done in the rainy season. With a height of 30-50 feet will make you more challenged to do so.

Package Description :
1. Package price is calculated per person (adult)
2. Lunch is included 

3. Pick-up air-conditioned cars with experienced drivers
4. All safety equipment, life insurance included

If you have any questions please contact our customer service. thank you

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